Electronic telegraph key based on capacitance sensors for KX2 and KX3 Elecraft transceivers.

So here they are! Capacitive CW touch key for KX2 or KX3.

This is the second version.
The first version did not stand the test. With a nearby transmitter, interference was induced. The device gave false signals. I reworked the circuit of the device. I also redid the board layout. An active protective circuit has been added. Now the device can withstand the high-frequency voltage of my 1 kW amplifier with a bad SWR. 

Advantages of the device:
- no mechanical moving parts,
- does not need adjustment,
- not afraid of dirt,
- speed depends only on the speed of your fingers,
- silent,
- consumes very little power.

Disadvantages of the device:
- you can't work with gloves on.

Video of the device can be viewed on Youtube.

I'll send you the key fully assembled and ready to go. Also included will be 2 bolts for mounting. No modification of the transceiver is required.

You can buy the key for $40 with free shipping. Write me or click the button below. Please provide your exact mailing address and name.

Carefully I want to say that the situation with delivery to America is improving. The post office has found a way to transport parcels through Europe to America.

You can try ordering again.

Unfortunately, I can't guarantee you the rate of receipt as before the epidemic. But as before, I will do everything possible to ensure that you receive your parcel. There were no cases of lost parcels yet, thank the gods.
I hope for your understanding and patience.
If you are in Europe or Asia, there are no delivery problems.

Product reviews:

- Received the key last week here in Switzerland. Have been on a SOTA trip yesterday (HB/BE-155) to test the key. Worked without any troubles. Thank you again for your great work.vy 73 de Tom.
I have attached two photos, where I have the key in use. Have made 7 successful sota activations in the meantime with this key.. Will make another actication tomorrow. (HB/SG-057). The key works great at my CW speed (about 85). It also works when using at slower speeds. I rarely use speeds over 90 (HB9EVF)

- Excellent product and received in less than a month.
Perfect sensitivity during cw operation. A valid alternative to the original elecraft key. Well done Evgeny. Thanks! 73 (IK6ZDF Giac from Italy)

- Dear Eugeny. I got the key today! All perfect.Many thanks. I will recommend your key.
Hope you get rich!! :) (Miguel EA1BP)