I/Q out board and Time for KX2 Elecraft.

An electronic board that allows you to add I and Q signals to the KX2 transceiver. This allows you to work with the transceiver as an SDR receiver. You will be able to see the signal panorama and waterfall. In addition, the board has a clock to show the time on the screen of the transceiver.
If you look at the circuit of the KX2 transceiver, you will see that there is not one important part that is in the kx3 transceiver. It is I/Q out via 2.5-jack connector.


I could not accept this injustice and decided to do it. But there was a problem. In the KX2 transceiver, the I and Q signals do not reach the connector. The reason was simple: Elecraft engineers decided not to put the U15 chip on the Board.


In the scheme it is drawn, there is a seat on the PCB, but in reality there is no chip. Engineer even in the absence of the chip can not stop! I made jumpers on the board instead of the chip.


The signal began to reach the connector. But it is still too weak for us to use. It must be strengthened. This is the main function of the output I/Q board. The signal amplifier is assembled on high-quality low-noise chips. For easy connection, the board has a 2.5-jack connector.


There are no electronic components on the back of the Board. This allows you to use the internal battery without fear of damaging something.


Next, with the help of a usual wire for audio equipment, you can send this signal to your computer or PX3 from Elecraft. Further operations on the signal depend only on your imagination and the sound card of your computer.
You can use NaP3 or PowerSDR or another program for SDR radio via sound card and I/Q.
Video on YouTube
Unfortunately, Elecraft removed PX3 support from the KX2 software. So at this point, you can see the analog signal on the PX3 screen, but you won't see the frequency, range, and so on that is usually transmitted over the ACC cable. If you have friends in Elecraft, please ask them to give us this opportunity!


So, to receive I and Q signals from a KX2 transceiver, you only need to do 2 things:
- disassemble transceiver and solder between 1-2 and 5-6 pins of the chip U15 on the reverse side of the RF Board (Instruction video);
- purchase the board by writing to me or by clicking the button below. Now the price is $ 75 with free shipping. Please provide your exact mailing address and name.

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Product reviews:

- After some reading and playing around I found I had disabled the centering function on the PX3. The IQ output is perfect. Every bit as good as from the KX3. I am very excited and completely happy with your board. Nothing like a new toy to make a ham happy, 73. (luvthecntry4ever from Ebay)
- Fast shipping. Exc support. Great addition to a KX2. Thank you!(Greg VE7FXG)
- Thank you! Prompt responses to questions. Really helpful! Product works great. Thanks for all the help. I left all positive feedback. And you were correct. The offset is 8000. After I removed the defaults that the software set the 8000 works for both CW and LSB spot on. At least on 40 meters. Thanks again! Hopefully I get to hear you on the air. (Samuli W7GE)
- I just get it done. It seems the jumper is not working well. I re-solided it, and then it works now. Thanks for your help. Have a nice weekend. Best Regards (Jiao Jian, BG2VIA/KG7VIA)
- Finally go the I/Q - time board running in my KX2. I have to say that it is outstanding!  Soldering the jumpers was very simple. Disassembly/assembly KX2 was also very straightforward.  The hardest part was getting the input levels set correctly with my sound card for NaP3. Thanks again for making such a great improvement for the KX2! (Justin Kromelow KM6GNH)
- I modified my KX2 and installed the I/Q out board. It works very fine with NaP3 software running on Windows 10. Thank you very much for providing the nice board. (Akinori Harry SHIBATA, JL3AMK)